Who may participate

To the Mälarenergi Cup all teams are welcome. The only condition is that the club is registered with its country´s Floorball federation.

Our goal is for all teams to sign up to participate. The teams who signed up and paid the participant's fee first take priority. A club can notify up to 2 teams in the same age class.

Competitive team

The competition begins with group play. Each team is divided into groups of 4 teams where everyone meets everyone in a single series. The two main teams in the group proceed to A-play, the other teams in the group go to the B-playoffs. The playoff takes place after the cup system, ie the exclusion method. The Cup starts Friday, April 12th at 5:30 pm and the playoff starts on Saturday afternoon/evening in both A and B games and finishes Sunday, April 14th.

Game times

Group and playoffs: 2 x 15 minutes

Final 2 x 20 minutes

Rolling playing time is valid in all matches

Registration and payments

The legal fee rule: payable within 10 days after the team has been approved. Upon approval, an email will be sent to the registered e-mail address at the time of registration at https://malarenergicup.vib.se/organisationen .

NOTE! Your place in the cup is guaranteed when the team fee is paid. Pay the team fee as soon as the registration has been approved, so the team is guaranteed a seat to MECUP 2019. Do not wait to pay until it gets too late - first come first served!

The teams who choose to stay at schools and pay a bill are first placed in schools with food service. First of all, that applies.

The teams that choose categories A, B1 and B2 should fill in the number of participant cards they should have with them immediately. The number can be changed how many times you want and can only be confirmed by payment. The participation fee can be started from January 1 2019, and until February 28, 2019, you have to pay for the entire team.

NOTE! STOCK CHANGES UNDER MARCH: fee 250kr / change CHANGE IN APRIL: fee 500kr / change. Changes are not made until the fee is paid.


The paid entry fee will not be refunded upon withdrawal from the cup.

Refund for paid participant cards can only be done in case of injury or disease against the presentation of medical certificates.

In case of repayment, at least 50% of the value will be paid.

All fees are payable on:

Bank: Swedbank

Bankgiro: 5153-9872

IBAN: SE 15 8000 0842 4496 4382 7901


For questions, contact Västerås IBS Ungdom Kansli.


Finals are awarded to the Mälarenergi Cup trophy and medals to first and second place.

Insurance, Liability

Each team leader must ensure that all participants are insured both on and off the board. The Mälarenergi Cup has no collective insurance covering damage, illness, noise or damage. Therefore, NEVER leave valuable items or money left at school!

Mälarenergi Cup is not responsible for any financial loss or damage that may arise due to government action, strike, lockout, blockade (force majeure) or similar events. In these circumstances, the tournament management reserves the right to retain law and accommodation fees for use for an upcoming tournament or reimbursement of participants after deduction of costs incurred by the tournament organization by third parties.