Tournement regulations

§1 General Regulations

Mälarenergi Innebandy Cup is played according to SIBF's rules in all applicable parts.

§ 2. Competition

The teams are divided into groups of four teams (for uneven number of teams in the class, single groups may be 5 teams), where everyone meets everyone. The order between the teams is determined by score. Victory in match gives 3 points, draw 1 point and lose 0 points.

At equal points, placement is determined by mutual meeting that is, a new table is calculated with the relevant teams

1. Placement is determined by the number of points

2. At equal points, placement is determined by mutual goal difference, that is, the difference between the number and goals scored

3. If the goal difference is equal, the team is placed primarily as having done the most mutual goals

In spite of this, the law is equally settled by

1. Total goal difference where all results in the group count.

2. If the goal difference is equal, the team is placed primarily as the total has scored the most goals in the group

3. If the team is the same, the team is placed primarily with the least number of expulsion minutes in the group

4. In spite of this, the law is the same as a draw between the teams that could not be distinguished

All teams in each group go to playoffs. The two main teams in the group proceed to A-play, the other teams in the group go to the B-playoffs. The team's position in the group determines the opponent in the playoffs. The playoff happens after the cup system, it wants the knockout method. In the event of a draw in the final play, penalty will be applied immediately. Every team is awarded a diploma. Only 1st and 2nd place in the A + B final is awarded a medal to each player and cup to each winning team in A and B final.


Class P / F08-11 plays according to SIBF's rules for the age class, ie no tables count and no play is played. Instead, a group game is played. Class P / F08-11 plays with regular goals, but without expulsions and punishments. In each team's last match a medal is awarded to each player.

§ 3. Class division*

Competition Class Boys (Playoffs)

P16 Boys born 2002 and later

P15 Boys born 2003 and later

P14 (Red) Boys born in 2004 and later

P14 (Green) Boys born rack. 2004-2005 and later

P13 (Red) Boys born in 2006 and later

P13 (Green) Boys born rack. 2005-2006 and later

P12 (Red) Boys born in 2006 and later

P12 (Green) Boys born rack. 2006-2007 and later

Competition Class Girls (Playoffs)

F16 Girls born 2002 and later

F15 Girls born 2003 and later

F14 Girls born in 2004 and later

F13 Girls born 2005 and later

F12 Girls born in 2006 and later

Fighters Class Boys

P11 Boys born 2007 and later

P10 Boys born in 2008 and later

P9 Boys born 2009 and later

P8 Boys born in 2010 and later

Fighters Class Girls

F11 Girls born 2007 and later

F10 Girls born 2008 and later

F9 Girls born 2009 and later

F8 Girls born in 2010 and later

§ 4. lunch time

Group play: 2 x 15 min.

Final: 2 x 20 min.

Rolling playing time is valid in all matches.

In case of a goal difference of 10 or more goals, the watch will NOT stop at goal and expulsion.

In the event of a draw in the final play, penalty will be applied immediately.

NOTE! 3 penalties apply per team.

§ 5. time out

In group play, time out is not allowed. In the final and finals it is allowed with 1 hour out to 30 seconds per team and match.

§ 6. Number of players and breakers

A team can maximally use 20 players during a match. There is no limit for the number of participants on the attendance list. It is allowed to use players from the same club in multiple teams in the tournament, but NOT in the same class. Players must be listed on both teams' respective attendance lists.

An additional £ 400 fee is available and can be ordered in the Cup Manager for each player participating in two teams. Mälarenergicup can not guarantee that the matches do not collide.

If you have multiple teams registered from the same association in any of the classes Green and Red, you may not borrow more than two players between the teams.

Section 7. Age dispenser

There is a general dispensation for a maximum of 2 players per troupe, which is no more than one year old. No general dispenser is given if the club has participating teams of the relevant age class.

The following exceptions apply:

• In all green classes there is no age dispenser

• In the game classes, a maximum of 2 players per match is allowed, which is no more than one year old.

The dispensing option is intended for players primarily for social reasons or may not participate.

The age requirement can be applied until 2 days before the cup starts.

We appeal to you to think of fair play and do not use this to top the team.

Players with a dispensation may not participate in teams of their own age class.

Note that you can not bring more overdue players to change between matches. Younger players may play in older age classes without dispensation. Girls can play in boys' teams in all classes without dispensation as long as the rules for age classification are followed.

Section 8. List of participants

All teams must, before starting their first match in the tournament, submit a participant list of the players who will participate in the tournament. Only specified players may participate. Completion is not allowed after the first match is played.

The list is submitted online via Add / Edit Player to My Team Info. If you do not submit it online, you can also submit the attendance list to the information at ABB Arena South or to the secretariat in the hall where you play your first match. The attendance list must be submitted one hour before your first match.

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